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Past Recordings

Attar Boulevard -

Attar Boulevard

Seamlessly joining timeless Persian poetry with contemporary musical genres including R&B, soul and blues “Attar Boulevard” features eight original songs jointly composed and performed by Rana Farhan and Steven Toub.  

Featuring the songs...Farewell Kiss; My Warm Tears; From You,Who I Am; Secrets; Dandelion; The Day; Careless Heart; Lonely

$12.99 plus shipping and handling


I Return -

I Return

The best selling album featuring the songs...Open The Door; Better Drowned In Wine; Drunk With Love; I Return; I Don't Know; Rumis Prayer; Don't Go Without Me; Since You've Been Mine

$12.99 plus shipping and handling 

I Return (Baz Amadam) - Rana Farhan


Your Wish -

Your Wish

Featuring the songs...I'm Drunk You're Mad; My Work; It Will Be; Ode To Life; Love Song; Spring Morning; In The Heart Of Fire; Your Wish; Moonlight

$12.99 plus shipping and handling

Your Wish - Rana Farhan


Moon And Stone -

Moon And Stone

Featuring...Tangled; One Breath; Slave To The Moment; Blind Star; I Stand By You; How Sweet The Sugar; The Moon And The Stone; Caravan(remix); Iran; For Our Heart

$12.99 plus shipping and handling

Moon and Stone - Rana Farhan



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New Music Coming Soon!

My new single "Was Not Was" will be released just in time for Noruz!

It's  from my new e.p. "Talking 'bout Love" coming this spring!

Check back for updates!